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What does the NILDE software allow to do?

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The NILDE software allows users of Community libraries to request any document they need, such as a scientific publication, article or a book chapter.

The NILDE software allows each Community library to:

  • offer its users a high quality document delivery service for any document;
  • manage documents requests from other libraries in an automated way and forward their own requests to other libraries inside the Community;
  • manage the document delivery in a secure electronic way (SEDD) through a web interface of a dedicated server;
  • have a detailed and up-to-date budget of requests made between libraries, with the possibility to evaluate and compare the libraries performances, or the same library over the years;
  • Automatic detection of quality indicators such as “success rate” and“delivery time”of the Document Delivery service;
  • Be part of a Community based on the sharing of good practices, tools and policies for the continuous improvement of library services.