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Where can I check the licences for the use of electronic resources subscribed to with a given publisher? How can I check if Document Delivery is allowed?

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ALPE is the Electronic Periodicals Licensing Archive of NILDE, supporting the librarian who carries out the Document Delivery service and who must operate in accordance with the uses permitted by the publishers.  It contains the clauses relating to the document delivery service, extracted from the license agreements for electronic resources signed by the Italian libraries belonging to NILDE. ALPE, through the use of API, is displayed directly in NILDE in the Lending screen, by clicking on the Find licenses button.
NILDE searches for the appropriate license in the ALPE database, using the ISSN and the Year of Publication of the requested document as search parameters, or the ISBN, in the case of a book chapter.
From the list of licenses displayed in the summary table, you will need to select your reference license and click the Apply button. The software will proceed by automatically applying the conditions on Document Delivery shown in the license.