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How to configure NILDE for Scopus and ScienceDirect

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Elsevier Admin Tool is a web service that allows librarians to indipendently administer the accounts of the institution they belong to.
The labriarian with the Admin ID can set specific links to the library resources and its document delivery service, reffering to Scopus and/or Science Direct.

The configuration procedure requires the following steps:

  • connect to and insert the Admin ID (Username and PW)

  • in the Account General Information page choose the Scopus tab

  • Among the linking options, choose External Link Setting and select a link category

  • to configure the database to use the Nilde Users module, select Interlibrary/Document Delivery

  • in the Interlibrary/Document Delivery category, select the Your own OpenURL enabled Interlibrary loan system option

  • insert in External Links Details the Nilde Base URL (  [The final "?" is required]

  • insert in link presentation the Nilde Image URL( and then save.
    The image size must be 101x15 pixels.


From Scopus the user can request the item via Nilde as follows:

  • do a search in Scopus

  • from the results list, click on the title of the publication of interest

  • click on the Ask by NILDE icon

  • enter the login data

  • send the automatically completed application form.

Procedure and figures provided by:
Laura Tavoloni
Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Centro per la Biblioteca delle Facoltà di Agraria e Scienze MM.FF.NN.
Via S. Camillo De Lellis 01100 Viterbo (Italy)
Tel. +39 0761 357518