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Pubmed and NILDE

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There are two ways to import the metadata requested to complete the request on NILDE.

1. Outside tool

Ouside Tool is a PubMed tool that allows you to implement services based on OpenURL. The tool create a link in each PubMed record that refers to the resources made available by the institution for its users.

To activate the Outside tool you need to:

In this way the NILDE page that requires login will open and, after that, you will be able to see automatically the request form completed.



Figure 32: Bibliographic record card in the PubMed database with the NILDE-Bibliosan icon on the right


2. Entering the PMID code in the request form
Search on Pubmed and open the page of the article concerned. Under the heading Keywords, you will find the PMID code. Copy it in the form to insert a new reference on NILDE in the relative PMID field.

Figure 33: Bibliographic record card of the PubMed database with highlighted the PMID code to be copied in the relevant field of the new reference on NILDE


Figure 34: Screenshot of the new NILDE bibliographic reference with the PMID field highlighted with the article code entered.


After entering the code, click on the PubMed button. A confirmation pop-up for importing data will open. Click Ok.

Figure 35: Confirmation pop-up for importing data from PubMed.


At the end, the bibliographic metadata of the request will be automatically filled in, including the abstract.

Figure36: Bibliographic reference screenshot with bibliographic metadata automatically compiled from PubMed PMID. Please note that the abstract is also imported.

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