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NILDE: developing a new generation tool for document delivery in Italy

Mangiaracina S., Tugnoli A., Beghelli E., De Matteis D., Zaetta M., Tenaglia G.

This paper presents the most recent progress and implementation of the NILDE (Network Inter-Library Document Exchange) system, a web based document delivery (DD) software for libraries and end-users. NILDE allows libraries to manage the entire workflow of DD activities, both borrowing and lending, through the provision of synthetic and analytical statistics, DD performance indicators such as "fill-rate" and "turn-around time", and support for secure electronic delivery. New technologies, referred to as Web 2.0, have been incorporated into NILDE, making it an even more user-oriented and friendly tool for document delivery and scholar work.

Published in:
nterlending & Document Supply, vol. 36 (3) pp. 167 - 177, Emerald