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NILDE, Network Inter Library Document Exchange : An Italian Document Delivery System

Publication type:
Conference paper
Brunetti F., Gasperini, A., Mangiaracina S.

This poster presents "NILDE", a Document Delivery system sup- porting the exchange of documents via Internet. The system has been carried out by the Central Library of the National Research Council of Bologna (Italy) in order to make use of a new Internet technology, to promote a cooperation be- tween the Italian University libraries and Research libraries, and to achieve short turnaround times in satisfying DD requests. The Arcetri Astrophysical Obser- vatory Library was the first astronomical library to join the NILDE project from its earliest days, during year 2002. Many were the reasons for this choice: au- tomation of the DD processes, security and reliability of the network, creation of usage statistics and reports, reduction of DD System management costs and so on. This work describes the benefits of NILDE and discusses the role of an organized Document Delivery system as an important tool to cope with the hard rules of the editorial market.

Published in:
Library and Information Services in Astronomy V: Common Challenge,Uncommon Solutions, edited by S.Ricketts, C.Birdie, E.Isaksson, ASP Conference series 377, San Francisco, ASP, p. 418-421