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The Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative: the NILDE case study in the frame of Italian experiences

Publication type:
Conference paper
Brunetti F., De Carolis E., Domina P., Fuschini E., Magno R., Mangiaracina S., Stabene S., Bernardini E., Filippucci G., Fasano M., Grazioli M., Olimpieri S., Salamone P.

NILDE (Network for Inter-Library Document Exchange) is born at the CNR Bologna Research Area Library to provide an effective answer to the needs of libraries in order to guarantee information accessibility, sharing resources through Inter Library Loan (ILL) of returnable and non-returnable items (books and journal articles).

Published in:
Rethinking Resource Sharing in Europe Forum (Hannover, 19 October 2009). Abstract, article n. 1. BCR (Bibliographical Center for Research)