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Internationalization Working Group (2017-2019)

Internationalisation (INT) Working paper

The Internationalization Working Group aims to study and improve resources exchange and international library cooperation procedures extending the participation of libraries in NILDE and promoting NILDE and its philosophy abroad.

It also deals with the knowledge-deepening of uses and procedures adopted by networks for interlibrary services similar to NILDE, joining European and international initiatives for copyright reform and supporting open access, open science and resource sharing.

Members of the Committee of NILDE Libraries (CBN) in office and the following librarians/professionals are participating in the Working Group and contribute each one with different skills and abilities in the pursuit of the objectives and targets established in the Internationalization programme.

Giovanna Colombo  (CBN - University of Insubria)
Patrizia De Filippis  (CBN - University of Campania)
Loriana Maimone Ansaldo Patti (CBN - University of Messina)
Silvana Mangiaracina (CBN - Bologna CNR Researc Area Library)
Emanuela Secinaro (CBN - I.N.RI.M Library)
Alessandro Tugnoli (CBN - Bologna CNR Research Area Library)

Peter Bae (Princeton University)
Elena Bernardini (University of Milan)
Sema Çelikbaş (Istanbul Technical University)
Marco Chiandoni (University of Trieste)
Irina Kuehn (Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law) 2018-
Carmen Lomba (University of Cantabria, Spain)
Andrea Mainardi (University of Pavia)
Allan Mulondo (Max Planck Institute Luxembourg for Procedural Law)
Franco Reuspi (University of Genova)
Carmen Spisa (University of Genova) 2018-

The Internalization Working Group is open to anyone interested in NILDE cooperation and library resource sharing.

Contact information
Please write   with e-mail subject "GDL Internationalization".