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If two or more libraries are merged, how can I report the closure of accounts to be divested and move users to the library that remains active?

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In case of administrative unification of two or more libraries, you can ask the Administrator to merge the NILDE accounts of the libraries concerned.
In general, if the libraries are present in ACNP, the operations to be carried out on NILDE must follow the merging of the owned in ACNP.
The choice of the personal code on which to merge the owned must be made inside ACNP, in accordance with the catalog managers.
NILDE's registration then follows the ACNP one's.



a) insert a suspension period to ensure that neither other libraries nor users can make new requests

(b) close ongoing borrowing and lending requests

(c) extracting usage statistics. These can be exported from the "Statistics-> Data Export" menu.

d) extract also the CSV file of the users registered to the library, using the Menu "My Users" -- at the top you will find the icon of an excel file, passing over it with the mouse appears "export to CSV" (OR LINK TO THE FAQ ON USER EXPORT). In this way it will be easy to contact all users moved to the library that remains active, after the Nilde Admin has confirmed the operation.

e) If there are active users, ask the NILDE Admin (by writing to ) to move the users to the target library.

Finally, ask the Nilde Admin to close the library account.

f) The Nilde Admin will carry out the required operations and will confirm them at the end.