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Why haven’t I received the pdf?

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NILDE uses a system for the secure electronic submission of documents requested and provided by libraries. The NILDE Digital Hard-Copy [HC] system transforms any pdf [such as pdf of articles downloadable from publishers’ sites] into a pdf file containing the images of the pages, and completely equivalent to the file that would be obtained by printing and digitizing printing again with an image scanner. The NILDE Digital HC system and secure electronic mailing between libraries is recognized and accepted by many scientific publishers with which the libraries of Italian universities and research institutions have license agreements. However, electronic submission is almost always allowed only between libraries. Upon processing the request, the librarian communicates the instructions to the user to receive the document. As governed by current copyright legislation [Copyright Law] or by the signed license agreements, the user will receive the hard copy and not the PDF file of the requested document. The only possible exception is the possession by the library that provided the document of a license that expressly allows the delivery of the electronic document directly to the user.

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O. Russo, S. MangiaracinaPerché non mi mandate il PDF? Il servizio document delivery agli utenti secondo i contratti di licenza concessi dagli editori” in Atti del Convegno Dead or alive? Le frontiere dei servizi bibliotecari nell’era della condivisione: 15 anni della comunità NILDE, 2017.


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