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Aims and activities of NILDE Internationalization Working Group (2020-2022)

Internationalisation (INT) Working paper

Despite the unexpected limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the objectives of expanding NILDE network and cooperation in international resource sharing are confirmed again for 2020-2022.       

AIMS  extending horizons and increasing the participation of libraries in NILDE, promoting NILDE and its philosophy abroad, comparing and collaborating with similar networks and document supply systems to learn their best practices, joining European and international initiatives for copyright reform and supporting resource sharing, promoting interoperability, open access, open science and open data, overcoming limits of software and licenses.  



Realizing a shared file/archive with useful data to send and fulfill international ILL requests, indicating the type of libraries/institutions (scientific or humanistic academic libraries, any library of a public or a private no profit institution, such as foundations) with which transactions have taken place, if the exchange occurs on a reciprocal basis or not and the type of refunds accepted (for example, if they accept IFLA vouchers).  

The idea is to develop a "global" repository of useful information on international interlibrary exchanges, similarly to the Spanish Directorio de Centros de Préstamo interbibliotecario.

COORDINATION or CONNECTION to internationalization groups / initiatives: monitoring the activities of other groups and creating national (for example with AIB) and international connections (for example with Rethinking Resource Sharing Initiative).

PARTICIPATION in the revision of IFLA Guidelines for Best Practice in Interlibrary Loan and other IFLA documents: building relations to be informed and involved in the revision of the Guidelines and other documents edited by the IFLA DDRS (Document Delivery and Resource Sharing) Section. Editing Italian translation if it does not exist.

JOINING international initiatives and statements: joining projects or actions relevant for institutional purposes, such as supporting LIBER statement, can give NILDE more visibility and creates international connections and openings.

SPONSOR SEARCH /FUNDRAISING: Looking for sponsor and patronage to finance NILDE internationalization activities. 

INTERNATIONALIZATION RECIPIENTSILL libraries and librarians, library consortia, Document Supply centers, Head of ILL/ Document Delivery Services.

FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS: from a European to an international NILDE network.