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Library registration

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The library registration, necessary for librarians to manage the document delivery service, begins by clicking on Register your Library to Nilde.

The registration procedure consists of six steps:


  1. select a username (at least 5 characters) and a password (at least 8 characters);

  2. provide information about the library;

  3. import national catalogs codes (ACNP, SBN, REBIUN). You should also select the participation in MAI and provide your opac address;

  4. provide information about the service offered by the library: supplement details about the responsible of ILL service, any cost per article due by the users, any cost per article due by the libraries at the end of the year in the event of a large difference in the number of delivered and received articles, the imbalance threshold that is the maximum difference in the number of provided and received articles, beyond which a refund will be asked (please see Nilde Regulation for additional details);

  5. accept Nilde service conditions;

  6. revise the summary of the included information, after creating the library account.


After registration, it is possible to login. Subscription must be renewed every year.

Please refer to the Annual renewal of registration/subscription.

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