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The ALPE project

ALPE Licenses


The genesis of the ALPE project dates back to the spring of 2012, when NILDE launched the idea of a project for the creation of a "National Licenses database of Electronic Periodicals (ALPE) regarding the Document Delivery clauses".

A presentation of the project is sent as a “Request for Comments” to 18 librarians from 6 Italian universities (University of Bologna, Torino, Roma Sapienza, Roma Tre, Pavia, Pisa), to the responsibles of 3 Italian consortia (CILEA, CIBER-CASPUR, CIPE, that negotiated contracts for universities and research centers) and to the managers of ACNP, the national catalog of periodicals (University of Bologna).

The recipients are invited to express their interest in the initiative and to attend the first meeting held on June 19, 2012 at the CNR Research Area in Bologna.

The purpose of the call is to include the largest number of Italian institutions interested in the creation of the catalogue, and to whom is requested the commitment:

  • To take part in the pilot project that would have accomplished and tested the new service;
  • To participate in workgroups in which there will defined the specifications of the data format and their interchange;
  • To participate in keeping the catalogue updated in time, with the purpose of collect into it as many negotiated and standard contracts of universities and Italian research organizations as possible.

Read more at: The ALPE database.


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