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Searching for a lending Library: disciplinary areas and consortia

The best use of NILDE Best practice Librarians

Nilde promotes interdisciplinary cooperation: a large part of documents in Nilde are exchanged between libraries of different institutional and disciplinary areas, as a proof that cooperation is useful and necessary for everyone.

Anyway, as for the electronic journals acquired by consortia and showed in Nilde with the “note: (Consortium name)”, it is a good practice forwarding the requests to libraries belonging to the same disciplinary area as that of the journal.

Indeed, in these cases, the selected library possibly cannot really access the requested resource, for example because it belongs to a different area, but it appears in the list because of its participation in a consortium that pays the subscription.

To avoid such a situation, you can click on Hide consortia, which allows you to display only the libraries owning at least one print copy or one online access, in order to hide those libraries which have holdings only inherited by a consortium.

Clicking again on Show consortia, you can go back to the complete list.