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Borrowing: response to a request

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In the event that the request cannot be completed by the library to which it was forwarded, it is possible to forward (Request management) the request again to another library by clicking on Continue, without having to re-enter a new borrowing request.


In the case that the borrowing request is processed, the requesting library can receive the requested document by the following methods:
Ariel / Prospero,
or Other

• Reception via NILDE

In the Borrowing window, the arrival of the document as a file is indicated by a green icon . By clicking on the request, the window that allows printing of the document will be opened and the View and Print buttons will be displayed.  

Receiving via NILDE, which uses NILDE's secure electronic mailing (SED) to directly send documents between libraries, involves receiving a PDF document that has been "transformed" into a Digital HardCopy. In this case, the received document will be sent with the "NILDE-Digital HardCopy”.

The transformation in Digital Hard Copy is applied by NILDE only when it is needed, for example it does not apply to files obtained from physical scans of an original document on paper. Moreover, in case of errors and problems detected during the transformation of the digital hard copy procedure, NILDE will return the document in its original format. In both cases, the document will then be reported as "fulfilled via NILDE" (instead of "fulfilled via NILDE-Digital HardCopy"). After printing the document, you need to click on Continue to complete the procedure.

Warning: the temporary file stored on the NILDE server will be deleted.


Possible problems in the Digital HardCopy procedure

It is possible, in some rare cases, that the Digital HardCopy procedure creates a PDF that does not conform to the original that could contain transformation errors (for example, the loss of patterns and / or images, or text with an incorrect font).In these cases it is possible to trash the document (and submit the request again in NILDE) using the Trash button for Digital Hard Copy problem. This will send an error report to the NILDE development team. If the request is repeated for this reason, it is recommended to specify (in the notes for the supplying library) that the sending must be done with a method different from NILDE (mail, fax or other). Otherwise the Digital HardCopy procedure will behave in exactly the same way and the problem will be repeated. 

• Reception via Mail / Fax

In the Borrowing window, the arrival of the document by post / fax is indicated by a green icon.

• Reception via Ariel / Prospero

In the Borrowing window, the arrival of the document via Ariel / Prospero is indicated by a green icon. It is necessary to check your e-mail box to verify the actual receipt of the document.

• Reception via Other

In the Borrowing window, the arrival of the document via Other is indicated by a green icon. We recommend checking the notes. 


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