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Users Manuals

Description of the steps required to manually enter a new borrowing request from the library.

Description of the steps necessary to identify and apply the terms of the license agreement for the electronic document that you want to send in the lending phase.

Description of the Lending tab and the initial steps required to manage a request.

How to manage registered users of the NILDE service, create and associate an institute/department for each user and export the related data.

Description of the tools available to librarians to monitor the service offered by NILDE: statistics, data export and history of requests.

Description of the Welcome page and of the steps necessary to modify the data of the library.

Description of the renewal registration/subscription procedure of library in NILDE.

Creating a library account step by step

Description of the steps needed by librarians to access their library's NILDE account.

First version of Nilde 4.0 User manual: November 18th 2010